Food & Nurtition

Nutrition and Food

At Kinder Day Nurseries we love food and we share our love of food with everyone at Kinder, and that includes the children. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus morning and afternoon snacks.

Meals are prepared on a daily basis, and we promise parents that the children are offered their five portions of fruit and vegetables every single day.

Our snacks vary on a daily basis, to ensure food is never boring and always exciting. Our snacks consist of fresh fruit, fresh vegetable skicks and biscuits accompanied by a delicious glass of milk or water.

All children at all Kinder nurseries have accoess to fresh water throughout the day.

Cook with Kinder

Vegan Pumpkin & Borlotti Bean Risotto

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Cod, Potato and Spinach Curry

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Courgette & quinoa stuffed peppers.

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